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Avianca Cargo adds three service levels

Avianca Cargo has launched three service levels based on the speed of service required.

The Latin American carrier’s three new service levels are named Priority, Standard and Standby.

Priority guarantees the shipments are transported on booked flights, which the carrier said is ideal for urgent shipments.

Standard will provide a balance between urgency and cost and is “perfect for your day-to-day shipments”.

Finally, Standby is described by Avianca as a “cost-effective solution designed for general cargo with flexible delivery times”.

The addition of three service levels comes shortly after the carrier announced that it had launched on three third-party online booking portals: Cargo Ai, Web Cargo, and

By expanding its digital offer, the Latin American carrier can promote its services in more than 10,000 freight forwarders across more than 100 countries.

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